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Meanwhile it is a must for all tattoo fans to visit the Berlin Tattoo Convention. Now 21 years have already passed since the first Convention on our planet earth. The idea to organise a tattoo event on which all possible artistes can present themselves arose from the head of the operator, in a small cellar studio in Berlin -Kreuzberg. The Convention was born and is spread meanwhile in the whole world which is „Berlin international Convention“ and remains the mother all Conventions.

And even after so many years it will never develop in the area of the Tätowierkunst boringly - on the contrary - over and over again itself new ideas, new technologies originate. From year to year there come new tattoo artists on the Convention whose creativity and precision is to be admired.
The times are over for a long time when only roughly stung little roses, starlets, Pin Up Girls or sailor's graves decorated the skin. Fine, Special - Arts developed and belong meanwhile to non plus extremist of the tattoo scene. Pieces of art of famous painters are copied and conjured on the skin, the resulted „living tattoo pieces of art“ issue themselves even already in museums. The Tätowierart limits are hardly set and there is something new over and over again to discover.
We present on the „Berlin international Convention“ TätowierartistInnen from all over the world and are always to be found anxious the best by all. With the number of the artistes and the variety in art directions the choice is not always easy for us. We expect approx. 180 TättooartistInnen from all over the world and are persuaded that the guests who want to allow to tattoo themselves come at her expense.

Of course we have also liked again the traders, besides, who invite to the pint with all Assessoires and are in vogue. In this area we offer extravagant and classical from all possible style directions.
The supporting programme which accompanies the exhibition about all three days takes place on the stage and contains of music tape and small artists with diverse show inserts.
The attraction of the stage are the different contests, the tattoos which were stung on site are presented. Also the available tattoos whose artistic and valuable design should not be kept from the audience are already shown. For the contests everybody can announce itself and everybody directly on site. Like every year a professional jury decides on the works, afterwards cups are lent for the best and nicest pieces of art.

Same is valid for the annual choice of the tattoo queen. This contest has won during the last years more and more in popularity and interest. The queens have become the feast for the eyes and quite a lot of is deceived towards many beauties on the stage with pleasure. Registrations for the queen choice are carried out via Internet or directly on site.
Everything in all - it will give to spot a Really Convention again - on which for all fans what will be present. We are glad about everybody which take part in it and wish You in advance already a lot of fun.smiley

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